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Discover Our dishes are made with your health in mind, Less Salt, Less Oil, And No MSG; not only are our meals delicious, but they are also healthy and good for you. The ingredients in our ting kat meals are natural ingredient which no processed food nor canned food. We aim to bring real food to our customers that ensure their daily nourishment. Healthy meals do not have to burn holes in our pockets. Healthy Meals Catering commit with Daily freshness ingredients to create better-for-you at your most convenience place.

Considering your lifestyle, we will outline some easy-to-follow eating guidelines that will not require you to starve. Rather than promoting a strict diet, we believe in a sensible, relaxed approach to eating our freshly homecooked delivery Ting Kat Meal right to your doorsteps. That is why Healthy Meals Catering focuses on re-inventing Asian home-cook dishes by making them healthier, customizable, and providing more transparency on their nutritional values while keeping them as Yummy as before.

Healthy eating starts with healthy food choices.

Enjoy Value and affordable daily home-cooked healthy meal from Healthy Meals Catering Ting Kat deliver to your doorsteps at an average of $5 per person a day.